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Medical care and support for mothers shouldn’t end with birth. Postpartum services ensures the physical and mental health of the mother, which extends to the health of the baby. It’s been proven that mothers who receive the postpartum support they need recover faster, have less physical and mental fatigue, and experience an increase in the overall joy of motherhood.

Postpartum care refers to the medical attention that mothers receive in the first 6 weeks after childbirth, however this care can be extended depending on the physical and emotional needs of the mother. Our goal at True Compassion Home Care Inc. is to provide the support that you need after giving birth.

Providing Physical And Emotional Support For Parents And Newborns

While caring for a newborn is a new and exciting journey, it can come with challenges and complications. TCHC is here to help. This service is designed to assist women in the recovery process after birth.

Whether you’ve undergone a Caesarean or a vaginal birth, our providers will come to your home to assist in the postpartum recovery process. This includes assistance with:

  • Physical Support (bathing, mobility, dressing)
  • Emotional Support (mental health resources, check-ins)
  • House Work (cooking, cleaning, laundry, groceries)
  • Going to appointments
  • Assistance with breastfeeding
  • Sleep support and overnight care
  • Assisting with care of other children

Trained And Certified Postpartum Team

All of our postpartum staff are trained and certified in providing postpartum care. We also provide access to other community resources as requested. Appropriate postpartum care also allows our professional healthcare providers to identify any potential issues in the early stages before they can progress. This protects mothers and babies through the postpartum period.

Along with physical and emotional support, it is imperative that new mothers get the rest they need for a healthy recovery! At TCHC, our main focus is to ensure that mothers get adequate rest after child birth.

Home Care With Trust, Respect, And Kindness

The postpartum period is an especially vulnerable time for news mom, babies, and spouses – you shouldn’t have to do it alone. At TCHC, we believe that there is no shame or guilt in asking for help. Postpartum care is a part of your recovery process that will help reduce feelings of stress, overwhelm, and exhaustion.

Our postpartum care providers treat our clients with compassion and dignity, where you can feel safe to ask for help and feel supported with zero judgement. It takes a village to raise a child and being a part of that village is an honour that we don’t take lightly.

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